Life is a Highway

So I left for Utah today! Bright and early!!!…. ok, maybe not THAT early… like 7:15 or so. It was an 11 hour trip so I knew I wanted to do it all in one day. No sense in breaking it up and spending money on a hotel or something like that. It was a HOT day to be traveling [thank goodness for A/C!] What can I say about the trip other than it was long and it went well…. oh, yeah… I forgot, my check engine light in my car came on the night before I left. Exactly what you don’t want to see right before going on a 740 mile road trip! Luckily for me, Kyle has one of those code computers so when we met up somewhere in NV just before Las Vegas he was able to plug it in and [hopefully] tell me it’s nothing. Turns out it wasn’t nothing… it was something. A malfunctioning thermostat! That sounds expensive. The code said it could just be an electrical problem like a lose wire or something along those lines and since the temperature of the engine hasn’t been abnormally high, that’s what I’m hoping it is. I made sure to keep an eye on it the entire trip though. Now I just need to find a mechanic around here that can take a look at it for me.

Kyle and I sort of drove out together… we didn’t exactly follow each other but we were within a mile of each other as we drove out and stopped at the same places. We actually didn’t stop all that much. I was enjoying rocking out to some good music, listening to a podcast or two and even an audio book! We ended up getting into Eden around 7:30 pm. We unloaded our stuff at the house we’re staying at [someone’s basement apartment that we found on AirBnB] and then headed into town to grab a quick bite to eat. We found this little pizza shop and decided to go there. Ok, I’ve had a LOT of pizza in my life and this pizza was SERIOUSLY good! I loved it!

Ok, I have to tell you a little bit about Eden. It’s a SMALL town (population: 600). There is this little downtown area with a gas station, a small market, a few restaurants, I think there is a dentists office and a few other random offices and that’s it. The market is very cute and has everything you need which is nice. It’s about a mile from the house we’re staying at so we can just swing through on our way home from work if we need to grab anything. Or it’s the perfect distance to hop on my bike and ride down. I can’t wait to do some more exploring in the area tomorrow!


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