Happy Birthay America!

4th of JULY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I got to spend this 4th of July exploring around my new home for the next 7 weeks. We ran into town this morning (ok we drove…. the entire mile….) to stop at the cute little market to pick up a few things for breakfast. Kyle learned of my intense love for breakfast this morning…. Kyle said that he doesn’t usually eat a big breakfast but I INSISTED that we do it up on our first day. So pancakes, bacon and eggs it was!

After breakfast we decided to find a fun hiking spot and then check out some of the festivities in the next town over. We ended up at North Fork Park just down the road. As we pulled into the park, we passed a car on their way out and asked if they knew where the hiking trail was. They told us to follow the signs to cold water creek but to “be careful because a lady died there on Friday…” ummmmm WHAT? What kind of hike is this? Seriously? He said that it’s the hike up towards the waterfall and that it’s not a very long hike but there’s a part of it that’s kind of hard. Ok so now that I’m slightly concerned for my safety… we ended up driving in quite a ways and found a different trail to hike. This was was maybe a little over two miles up. We got half way up and seriously… the views! We sat on top of this mountain and had a beer 🙂 before heading back down. It was hot and there was an infestation of flies for some reason so we decided that we wanted to find this waterfall (yes the one where the lady died). We found the signs for cold water creek and followed them to a sign pointing us towards the waterfall. There was a family just exiting the trail as we got there with a younger child. We thought, if this kid can do it, so can we! It was only 0.8 miles long but it was STEEP! A pretty good workout. [Side note: I plan on coming back with the BEST calves and butt from all the hiking I’m going to be doing!]. We finally found the waterfall but it wasn’t deep enough for us to jump in and cool off. We did walk through the little creek and went up to the waterfall. We decided this would be a fun spot to sit and have another beer (it IS a holiday after all!)

After we got done hiking we decided to head into the next town over to see what they had going on for the 4th of July. We ended up in Huntsville at the park where they had tents and games set up. We walked around for a bit and decided to hit up the BBQ restaurant next to the park. HOLY! CRAP! Let me just tell you how good these BBQ sandwiches were…. seriously! I had a pulled pork sandwich with some french fries. This restaurant has this BBQ station with different kinds of BBQ sauces that you can put on your sandwiches. ALL of them were good so it was hard to choose but in the end, I went with the smokey BBQ sauce. I think we will DEFINITELY be going back to this place before we leave. After we were so full we could barely move, we walked back to the park and just relaxed while listening to some live music! We didn’t end up staying at the park for the fireworks because they weren’t starting until 10:00pm and we have our FIRST DAY OF WORK tomorrow!!!


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