Is This Real Life?

Today was my first day of internship! My CI (clinical instructor) is not in until Thursday this week so I was placed with the other PT in the clinic for the next two days. My nerves were a WRECK on the way to the clinic. I couldn’t decided if I was excited, about to vomit from being nervous or both! Judging by the amount of snapchats I got from all my classmates that morning, I was not the only one feeling that way! I arrived at my facility, took a deep breath, took another deep breath, and then took one more before mustering up the courage to walk inside.

I was greeted by the woman sitting behind the front desk and when I told her my name was Kelly Milkent and I was a physical therapy student there to start my internship with Jenni, the woman sat there with a look of confusion on her face repeating the name Jenni as if she were trying to recall the names of the people that work there. My immediate thought was, “OH CRAP! I’m at the wrong facility. My GPS took me to the wrong place and now I don’t know where to go and I’m going to be late for my first day and I’m going to fail my internship!” It turns out I was in the right place and the woman in the front just wasn’t aware of the names of the therapists. I was taken back to the therapy gym where I met the director of rehab and Jenni, the physical therapist I would be working with for the day.

The therapy department at my clinic is made up of two physical therapists, Jenni and Kelsey (my CI). There are 4 PTA’s (physical therapy assistants), one OT (occupational therapist), one COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant) and a SLP (speech and language pathologist). My CI’s work schedule is Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so that means, you guessed it, I will be working every Saturday… yay me! My work schedule is actually Tuesday through Saturday. I will be working with Jenni on Wednesdays when Kelsey isn’t there. Neither of the physical therapists are there on Fridays so that will be my day to work on projects and follow around different disciplines (speech therapy, OT, possibly watch a surgery or two).

My first day went pretty well. I was able to meet a handful of patients and get to know the facility a little bit. I didn’t do a whole lot in terms of treating patients but I know that will come. I am excited to get in the swing of things and start putting to use all the things that I’ve learned in class. I’m just hoping I don’t screw up anything too big (the upper term students at school told us we WILL screw up something on internship… it’s inevitable). Great… can’t wait!



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