My First Weekend in Utah

Holy heck has it been HOT here. Like, I’m talking 90’s and up! This weekend was no exception. I have to work on Saturdays so my weekend technically is Sunday/Monday BUT this weekend was a little different. My CI went camping Friday night into Saturday so we only worked a half day on Saturday starting around 1. That gave me that opportunity to do a small little hike in the morning before heading into work. We just went and did a small trail close to the house that we had seen. Nothing too crazy but it was fun. I went into work for a couple hours then, I think we saw 2 patients and new evaluation. It was a quick afternoon.

After work I met up with Kyle and we did some exploring in downtown Ogden. It is such a cute little town! Apparently 25th street is where it’s at! We first went to a little ice cream place downtown that apparently has the “best ice cream in town!” Let me tell you- there were soooooooooooooo many flavors of ice cream to chose from… and if you know anything about my level of decisiveness you already know the level of difficulty I had in choosing a flavor! I think I ended up with chocolate grasshopper or something like that!

After we were full of ice cream we walked down to 25th street to check out the shops and restaurants and anything else fun we could find. There are these random horse statues all around the city with random paintings all over them. They’re 40% weird and 60% cool! We stumbled across this rooftop bar that was setting up for music later that night so we decided that we would come back later on to check that out. Down at the end of 25th street is the train depot. It is no longer a functioning train station but instead houses four separate museums and has some pretty cool train engines out front. We stopped by there but weren’t able to check out the museums so we’re definitely going to have to go back to there someday. We met a really nice woman there though that told us about all the places in Ogden that we need to check out and even gave us some coupons to use around town!

We found this burger place as we were walking so, obviously, we had to stop. They had stuffed burgers and shakes and all sorts of yummy things. We couldn’t decide which burger sounded the best so we each ordered one and we split them. We also had a hard time deciding between sweet potato fries and mac and cheese bites… so when we ordered our sweet potato fries and there were 4 random mac and cheese bites thrown in- well let me just say excited doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt. Did I mention that we had a kick ass waitress? She gave us the hookup and made some killer recommendations on which burgers to get… and the burgers did NOT disappoint!

With VERY full bellies… we wandered back to the rooftop bar for some music… the bar was freakin awesome! The music…. was not. But we stayed for two drinks, made friends with the bartender, learned about the interesting liquor laws in Utah and did some SERIOUS people watching- you really should have seen the girl up front taking photos of the band in her crop top that had large cut arm holes and no bra on so when she bent over to take a picture I was SURE I was going to see things that I didn’t need to see! But the tripod for her camera was a super fun color!

Ok- I’m going to end this post for two reasons…. 1) it’s getting kind of long and who seriously wants to read a post this long anyways? Not me! and 2) It’s late and I’m tired and just don’t feel like writing anymore so I’ll finish up about my weekend tomorrow sometime! 🙂 But be sure to come back because Sunday was REALLY awesome!



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