The REST of my First Weekend in Utah

So back to my first weekend in Utah… that bar that we were at on Friday night listening to music- the bartender from there told us that we should check out Snowbasin on Sunday… apparently they have some music and beer from the area every Sunday. It’s called Blues, Brews and BBQ.

We decided we definitely wanted to check that out but first we wanted to find this other reservoir close by that people go cliff jumping into. It’s called Causey Reservoir and is about 30 minutes from where we are staying. We drove up that way and lost cell service about half way there- that’s when you know that you’re going to someplace fun! Cell service wasn’t available until we got back into town. This reservoir is lined with cliffs and trees and is the prettiest teal color ever! We drove down one side of the reservoir checking it out and looking for this cliff that people apparently jump off of. We didn’t see anyone jumping into the water but there were a TON of people paddle boarding and kayaking. There are no motors allowed on this reservoir so it was nice and peaceful! We ended up stopping and asking some people where we could find the cliff jumping. After being pointed in the correct direction we did some more exploring. It turns out that the police were out patrolling heavily that week and were ticketing anyone that was cliff jumping or on the water without a life jacket on. Sooooo…. that meant no cliff jumping for us…. DARN IT! I have ALWAYS wanted to go cliff jumping- and yes, I am aware that it’s not the safest activity to partake in… but either is sky diving or riding your bike without a helmet and I’ve done both of those things! We drove to the other side of the reservoir and decided to hike one of the many trails for a little while. It was hot and we were both tired so we didn’t go on a very long hike but we got some pretty awesome pictures. We probably hikes only a mile and a half that morning and decided we were ready for some BBQ and music so we headed out to Snowbasin.

We got up to Snowbasin around 12:30 and holy crap! this place was amazing! The views… the food… the beer… the music… all of it. It. was. so. great! Ok, I can’t wait to show you pictures of this place. So, Snowbasin is another one of the ski resorts in the area. It is where a few events in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games were held. [If you’re interested in a little more of the history of Snowbasin, check out their website: There has been a lot of work done to this resort in the last handful of years and it is becoming a really classy place.

Now, if you know me at all, you know how much I love to be outside, you know how much I love live music, and you also know how much I love craft beer.  If you don’t know me that well, now you are aware of some of the things that make me happiest in life! There were three bands that played that day from all over the country; one was from Florida, one was from Oklahoma and the other was from….. somewhere else that I can’t seem to remember right now… All of the bands were really good though. I liked the first band the most I think. We joined the crowd of people on the hillside sitting on blankets and in chairs and just relaxes. Literally, the most perfect thing on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We have decided that this will more than likely be a regular thing for us. I don’t think I took a ton of pictures (or maybe even any) when we were there this week but next time we go back I’ll be sure to take some. It’s SO beautiful… mountains surrounding you, the sun shining, and dogs!!! EVERYONE brings their dog to this… it makes me so happy but makes me miss my Misty girl at the same time. She would LOVE to be there with all these doggy friends!

Overall it was a really peaceful weekend. I can’t wait to see what we decide to do next weekend! Stay tuned!


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