What do People do When They Have Off on Mondays?

My first Monday off… and guess what? I wake up to a message from Kyle… He sent me a picture… of my car keys… in his car. Oops, my bad. So good thing I didn’t want to go anywhere… or maybe I did want to but oh well. After seeing that picture I decided I would take my bike out for a ride… there is this awesome paved path that goes all along the reservoir! So I get changed… and realize that my tire pump and helmet are in the trunk of my car; my locked car; my locked car that I need the keys to get into… yeah, the keys that are in Kyle’s car. Soooo it was starting to look like I wasn’t going to be doing much today… but I decided to check the tire pressure on my bike and it was alright so… I decided to go ride anyways (yes, without a helmet. Yes, I am aware that is bad…) I picked up the bike trail and followed it down to this little beach that I had seen driving past one day. Today was the only kind of chilly day we’ve had since we’ve been out here. And by kind of chilly I mean like 71 degrees… so basically freezing (compared to the 95+ degrees that it has been)! The road going down to the beach is a dirt road so I was careful as I rode slowly down it. Didn’t matter, my bike still slipped and I *almost* fell so I thought my best bet would be to just walk my bike down. [For those of you familiar with my biking adventures in CA you know that I am no stranger to walking my bike… and if you’re not familiar with my CA biking adventures, let’s just say that CA is up about 4 points on me when it comes to biking. There has been a hill incident, a quarry incident with Mexican truck drivers and a lost trail incident… to name a few].

I finally got to the beach, found a little log to sit on and just enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. It felt great to just sit and not worry about a single thing. I made a few phone calls that I have been meaning to make, relaxed a bit longer and decided to head home. Apparently the way there was more down hill because getting there didn’t seem to bad… getting back was a different story though. I didn’t really start to struggle until the very end when I was about a mile from the house. I don’t want you to worry though- because I made it back! NO INCIDENTS! INCIDENT FREE! (Yes, this IS a big deal!)

So overall, my first Monday off was than eventful but that’s okay. Time for bed to get ready for my second week at work! We’ll see what other interesting things I learn!


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