Week Two: Practically A Professional

Yeah so I basically know everything there is to know about treating patients now. Who wants to line up to be treated by yours truly? In all seriousness though, I am finding that I have been given a little bit more responsibility this week. My CI has been allowing me to pick some of the interventions for some patients and then lets me direct them. I have even started to participate in some of the evals (short for evaluations) that we did this week.

The evaluation process includes meeting a patient, having a discussion with them regarding their stay (why they are there, where they were living before, how independent were they before, where they are planning to discharge to and if there will be any assistance for them) and then some basic assessments including how they move around in bed, what kind of strength they have, how they transfer from the bed to the wheelchair and what their gait and balance looks like. My CI has allowed me begin taking a history with our new evals and she just jumps in with a question or two if she thinks I’m missing anything.

On top of that I am still seeing many of the patients that we began with last week. I’m starting to see some progress in some of these patients which is really rewarding to me. One of my patients that has super high anxiety has such a difficult time just standing up from her chair when we first started with her and now she is standing up from her chair without much help and is walking much better and further than she has been. She can now walk down to the gym (with our supervision and the use of her walker) which is a far cry from where she started a two weeks ago. Also, my little Japanese lady is getting around really well and seems to be improving every day. She is starting to settle in and get comfortable here and is beginning to recognize some of the people at the nursing home. She knows now that when she comes down to the gym, it’s time to work out and she is even trying to communicate with everyone so much more. This week, seeing the improvements in patients and beginning to have more responsibility, have reminded me and shown me WHY I chose to become a physical therapist!


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