Monday, Monday, Monday

Well, this Monday off I decided to spend the day at the BEACH! The reservoir right by the house has a few beach areas around it and it’s been SO hot lately that it sounded like the perfect way to spend the day. As it turns out, I only made it like 3 hours. I just got TOOOOOO hot! I kept having to jump in the reservoir every 15 minutes to keep cool… and I got hungry after a while so I came back!

Here is an aerial view of the reservoir in Eden/Huntsville. It’s actually really big and there are ALWAYS boats/paddle boards/kayaks on the water… ALWAYS! The blue dot is the beach that I was spending the day at. There’s this little peninsula area that has beaches on all sides and is a popular area especially on the weekends.IMG_7869

This is a zoomed in shot of the peninsula. I stayed relatively close to the road because the area that I found, I had allllll to myself. Not a single other person was on my little section of beach the entire time I was there. There were, however, about 17 seagulls hanging out with me!IMG_7870

My seagull friends!IMG_7873IMG_7874

I realized I haven’t shared much about the house I’m living in right now. Here’s a view of the neighborhood. I’m staying in the house with the red pin sticking in it right at the end of the street on a cul-de-sac.IMG_7871


I will be sure to take some pictures of the inside of the house soon to show you!


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