Weekend #4

So this weekend was a little different than the past few. My CI needed off on Saturday so we are both going in on Sunday instead (yippee….). BUT- that means that I got to have Saturday off and actually enjoy a Friday night.

Lets rewind to Thursday night first though. There is this little country club right up the road from where we are staying and they apparently have live music every Thursday and Friday nights so we decided to head up there after dinner to check it out and see what it was all about. First of all, this place was SO cute! The decor was a mix between lodge-hippy-contemporary lounge… I know, strange combo but that’s what it was, I swear! The artist that they had performing was actually really cool. So those of you that know me really well know that I love Ed Sheeran. One of the things I love about him is how talented he is and how his music is played through continuous loops. What this means is that he will play a piece of music, record it, and play it back on a loop so it just keeps playing over and over and over. He’ll record something else, put it on a loop and layer it on top of the first recording. He keeps doing this until it sounds like he’s got a full band behind him. Well, the artist at this country club did the exact same thing. It was really cool to see and she was really good. We’ll definitely be going back to the country club to check out other music they have!

Kyle and I couldn’t decide what we wanted to do so we ended up in the car and headed down to Ogden to see what was going on. We walked downtown and there was a concert in this little park down there so we went to go see who was playing and wouldn’t you know…. it was OLD DOMINION! I was suuuuuper excited. It was $25 to get in but we could see the show from right outside the little wall that was there anyways so we stood there and listened to them for a little bit. FREE CONCERT BABY! haha

We left there around 8:45 and realized we hadn’t had dinner yet sooooo… time to figure out what to do for dinner…. this is always a chore. You see, both Kyle and I are VERY indecisive… that makes it very frustrating when the two of us need to make a decision. We began walking and ended up settling on a little pizza place downtown. They were playing the greatest 90’s music which made waiting for our pizza very enjoyable! I do believe I serenaded Kyle to a backstreet boys song followed directly by a BBMak song! I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN!

After we finished dinner we began walking back towards the car. On our way we passed the ballpark for Ogden’s minor league baseball team (the minor league team for the Rockies, I think)- the Ogden Raptors. It’s the top of the 8th inning so we decide to pop in and catch the end of the game (they were no longer charging to get in). We went in and sat directly behind home plate and caught a little bit of America’s past-time! We also saw the ump get hit in the balls by a bounced pitch… I felt bad for the guy but it was a little bit funny… I mean, aren’t you supposed to wear a cup for that exact purpose. I swear, I’ve never seen a man hit the dirt so quickly before! And the HECKLERS in the stands…. holy cow! I have never heard heckling quite like I did at that game. It was quite entertaining. In the end, the Raptors ended up losing but it was still fun. We decided we need to catch a full game sometime (tickets are only $6 so you can’t go wrong!)

The view from our seats… not bad, not bad at all. Notice the temple in the background.

So that was our Friday night. We came home and decided that we were going to go check out Park City on Saturday!

We left for Park City (a beautiful drive that takes just over an hour) and arrived around 10:45. We went to downtown Park City first which is this beautiful mountain town. Park City is one of the areas that is very popular for skiing in the winter. It is nestled right in the foothills of the mountains. The streets are lined with fun shops and restaurants and a lot of art galleries actually too. We walked up one side of the street, stopping in little shops that looks interesting along the way, and came back down the other side doing the same. My mission was to find a t-shirt that says Park City on it to replace the one that I currently have (which happens to have a very large hole in it) BUT… I couldn’t find a shirt that was cheap enough OR that I liked enough to spend $25 on.

After walking through downtown we decided to head over to the Olympic Training Center. In case you didn’t remember, the Winter Olympics were held in Park City in 2002. We got there and parked and the first thing we saw was the bobsled track which is SUPER cool BECAUSE….. one of the girls that I used to run track with at Winona State is now on the US Bobsled team and this is where she trains in the winter. I took a picture of the track and sent it to her right away. She was so excited that I was there but we both wished she was in town to show us around. Olympic Park has some museums that we wanted to check out so we walked over that way.

We got quite a surprise when we got to the main area…. you see, the Flying Ace All-Stars perform daily. What are the Flying Ace All-Stars you ask? Great question! Let me tell you. The Flying Ace All-Stars is a group of Olympians and National Ski Team skiers that fly down ski jumps into a pool of water. Yeah… it’s pretty awesome! They have different height jumps and take turns (or sometimes go all at once) down the ramps and take flight doing double and triple flips with twists and grabs and all sorts of crazy tricks, in the air before they land in the water. It was pretty cool to see. I am unable to upload videos to this site (unless I upgrade and pay for the premium version…. which isn’t going to happen… sorry!) so if you’d like to see some of the videos I took, let me know and I can text or email them to you. It was cool.

After the show, we checked out the museums and decided we needed a drink so we headed out to check out Park City Brewery (which happened to be in the middle of no where!). We got some beer and played connect four… yeah, you read that right… connect four. And I’d like you to know that I won 10 games to 4. I’m pretty good! haha

I probably won that game…

We finished our beers and wanted some food so we went BACK to downtown Park City to hit up this little restaurant we saw that had a buffalo burger on special. It was a buffalo burger topped with blue cheese and bacon on a ciabatta bun… I wasn’t sure if I actually liked blue cheese or not but figured now was as good a time as any to give it a try. I tried it…. it wasn’t bad…. but I don’t think I’ll be putting it on any other burgers I order though. After dinner we had to walk off some of the calories before getting back into the car… I think I took maybe two too many bites of food… it was hard to move! Headed home after that and got comfy on the couch with a beer and a movie (I forgot what the name of the movie is we watched but it was terrible…. Kyle liked it though…) I don’t think I’m letting him pick the movies any more!




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