Weekend #5- Camping 2

Saturday brought it’s fair share of new adventures but these ones were a little better than the previous days.

We all woke up early after sleeping like… I don’t know, maybe 5 hours. Grabbed some terrible coffee from the hotel lobby (yes, we got complimentary coffee in the morning…. but not breakfast. You’d think that for the price we paid we’d either get TWO beds OR breakfast in the morning…. no.) Good thing I brought along some donuts…

We packed up and decided to head up towards the campgrounds. We called the national park number on the way to see which campgrounds were going to have some openings and it turns out that all of them did. Isn’t that crazy? Friday afternoon the campsites are full by 4:00 pm but then Saturday morning by 8:00 there are some available? Makes no sense to me but whatever…. We ended up heading to Colter Bay Campground. When we got there, the line to get in was already like 10 cars deep. We had 3 cars with us and were hoping to get two campsite (preferably next to each other). We had our fingers crossed…. and this line was taking FOREVER! Long story short- we ended up sitting there for maybe a half hour, entertaining ourselves in whatever way we could- there were no radio stations that came in clear and no cell service to stream any music either, but we ended up with two neighboring campsites! (YES!) We got all set up and started talking about where we wanted to explore for the day. We ended up deciding to head up a little ways to Yellowstone National Park. We were practically there anyways!

We packed A LOT into the day…. we started out at Lewis Falls… it required a very very small hike to get to the waterfall and a ton of time taking photos there! From there we went over to the Prismatic Springs- SO cool! So these springs are around 160 degrees F and have these amazing colors. The colors are due to different bacteria in the water and the temperature of the water. They were truly amazing to see. There’s this board walk that goes around the whole thing to keep people on a safe path. You could feel the heat coming off the water as you stood there. It was so hot. Our next stop was Biscuit Basin which is a collection of geysers and pools. At the end of the boardwalk going around Biscuit Basin, there was a trail that lead to another waterfall… so we obviously went there too. We climbed down to the water and decided we wanted to walk in it. The boys were going to swim in some of the pools that were collecting at the bottom of the waterfall. Well, on their way to find a pool to get in, they found a natural hot spring…. so we all decided to huddle up and (at least wade through) the spring. It was pretty cool. From there we made our way over to Morning Glory, which is another, very deep, spring. Getting there required a bit of a hike which was nice. There was a sign posted at the spring that said that people have been throwing trash and other objects into this spring, which collect at the bottom and plug up the bottom where the heat comes from, thus cooling the spring down. When the spring cools down, the bacterial composition changes and the spring starts losing its color. It’s such a shame that people can’t respect such beauty. After Morning Glory we had to make our way to Old Faithful (what’s a visit to Yellowstone without seeing it’s most famous landmark?) We ended up missing the eruption by just a little bit, BUT, with Old Faithful being one of the most predictable geological feature in the world, they are able to predict (within 10 minutes either way) when the geyser will erupt. We had about an hour before it was predicted to erupt again so we just checked out the gift shop and grabbed some ice cream (I literally can’t say no to ice cream… I’m weak!) and then waited for the big moment. It was pretty cool to see (since I had never seen it before).

After that we were all super hungry and headed back to make dinner. Somehow, every single one of us brought macaroni and cheese to eat… seriously! We decided to just get those freeze-dried, ready to eat, backpacking meals because that was just going to be easiest, especially with the bears and everything, and we all brought mac and cheese (I KNEW I liked these people!) I have to say, I was pretty impressed with our meals considering they were freeze dried (just add hot water!) I’m not sure that those are going to be my go-to for camping, but it was fun to try them.

We finished the night off with a bonfire and, of course, S’MORES! Can’t go camping without having s’mores! We headed to bed to rest up for our next days adventures! The temperature got down into the 40’s I think that night but we all had good camping gear and were able to stay warm, no problem (I bought a sleeping bag off Amazon like 4 days before our trip for $30, so I was a bit worried but I was VERY pleasantly surprised with my purchase!)






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