I’m Baaaaack…

So it’s that time again… I’m currently sitting on the airplane back to California. I spent a really nice two weeks at home for Christmas. I got to see a bunch of people and spend time with my family. It’s always so hard to leave but alas… it’s time for more adventures.

So, I’m currently flying back to San Diego where I will stay for approximately 14 hours before loading up and heading out to DENVER! Yes, my next internship site is in Johnstown, CO (just north of Denver near Fort Colins).

mapI have been to Colorado twice before but both times were short trips and I didn’t get to explore around as much as I would have liked so I’m excited to be there for a longer period of time. I found a place to stay on AirBnB in Loveland, CO which is about 15 minutes from where my clinic is located. The guy that owns the house lives in Atlanta or something so he rents out the rooms in his house to people that are traveling. There are 3 bedrooms and a basement area that are available to rent and then all the common areas are shared. When I looked about 3 weeks ago, none of the other rooms had been rented out for any of the time that I am staying there sooooo, that means that as of right now, I get the whole house to myself! YES! Hopefully that’s still the case since I haven’t checked in a while.

I will be interning at Northern Colorado Rehabilitatio Hospital. This setting is slightly different than the fist setting I was at in the sense that it’s patient population is slightly more acute and may need more longer term care. I have had a chance to email back and forth with my new CI (clinical instructor) and she gave me an idea of the types of patients I can be expecting… many strokes and brain injuries as well as some amputations and spinal cord injuries. I’m really looking forward to this rotation. I actually got an email yesterday from my CI telling me that they have a patent that is currently involved in aquatic therapy (POOL TIME!) and if I’m interested in participating in this, I should pack a suit! Heck yes I’m interested in trying my hand at aquatic therapy! I’m pretty excited! Now I just need to figure out where I packed my suits (I packed up all my clothes because I’m having a current student at my school sublease my apartment while i’m gone).

My trip out to Colorado should take me around 16.5 hours (if I don’t run into bad weather and a ton of traffic). I am going to attempt to make the trip in one day which should be interesting…. I am abstaining from caffeine today in hopes that it will actually help me tomorrow when I need it! LOTS of coffee, energy drinks and 5 hour energy shots! In all seriousness though, if I’m struggling to stay away and not sure I can make it, I am going to find a cheap hotel to stay at. Cross your fingers that I can make it in one shot!

Stay tuned to the blog to find out how things are going. Unlike my internship in Utah where I had a handful of classmates around, I will be alone in Colorado for this internship. I do know ONE person that lives out there but i don’t think I’ll be seeing them much soooo…. this means that I will be adventuring on my own this time…. (dangit, I might actually have to buy a stupid selfie-stick if I want to take fun pictures… I despise selfie-sticks!) I’m looking forwad to see what Colorado has to offer! I’ll try to update the blog once a week like I did last internship! There is an option to subscribe to my blog so you’ll get an email each time a new blog post is uploaded- subscribe if you’d like to be notified when I post something new!

Colorado in WINTER- I definitely scored on this one! Can’t wait!


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