Weekend #1- Time to Get to Know Colorado!

So it was my first weekend in Colorado…. I wasn’t sure where to start with my exploring so I began with Loveland! There is a sculpture park here in Loveland that apparently is pretty cool so I decided to check it out and get a little fresh air. It was kind of cool. It’s just this park next to a small pond with a sidewalks that winds through and various sculptures from artists in the area. It was pretty cool!

I also spent some time driving around and just seeing what else there was to see in Loveland. There are a lot of restaurants! I’m definitely not going to have a shortage of places to eat… that’s for sure. The other thing I am in dire need of is….. a GYM! So I went and looked at a few places this weekend. I think I’m going to enroll at Planet Fitness. It’s right between home and work so it’ll be easy to go to on my way home from work…. plus they’re having their $1 joining fee special right now…. doesn’t get much better than that… especially for a broke collage kid!

I’m hoping to start some more real adventures soon! This weekend was just about getting settled and getting to know the area. Stay tuned for more sightseeing!


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