Week 2: Hello Green Team!

So week 2… the big team switch! I had the pleasure of getting to know the patients in the orange hallway last week and now it’s time to learn a whole new set of patients. The patients in the green hallway are quite different from those in the orange hallway. I now have a patient that suffered a non-traumatic spinal cord injury… she had back surget ry and her spinal cord became infected and she no longer has the use of her legs, I have a woman that tripped on an ‘ice crate’ of some kind..???

It’s kind of difficult getting to know a whole new hallway of patients. When you do someone initial evaluation, that’s a time where you really start to get to know your patient. You have a conversation with them about what happened and what they’re having difficulty with and how you can help them. When you come into someone’s care partway through, you don’t have the opportunity to just sit and talk with the patient and figure out what’s going on. You have to rely on the notes of the therapist that did the initial evaluation and anyone that has treated the patient since. I am lucky enough to work with a team that works really well together. We see each other all day long so if we have a question about a patient, it’s easy to ask someone that is familiar with them. It’s nice to be able to have a brief summary given by someone that knows the patient and their condition a little bit more than you do.

Even though this week was challenging, I am looking forward to getting to know my current patients and see what they can teach me!



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