Week 4: Are We SERIOUSLY Halfway Done Already?

So this week marks the halfway point…. can you believe it? I totally can’t. This time is going by so fast and I just want it to slow down a little! I have had such a great experience at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital. I can’t say enough great things about this internship!

My patients are great! I’m really getting to know them and have been enjoying them. Right now I have a patient that has Parkinson’s Disease and has suffered a decline in his function. He had a short hospitalization and then was sent to us to get a little bit stronger and ready for his wife to take care of him at home. He is just the sweetest man and his wife is so great too. They used to be missionaries in Africa for like 12 years or something like that. They have so many great stories to tell. They brought in a book of pictures from their time in Africa…. did you KNOW that you can ride an OSTRICH?!?!?!! Yeah… that’s a real thing. My patient did it. And there are ostrich JOCKEYS too! WHAT?!?! Can you say new life goals? Ok, but seriously… I told him that I have now added riding an ostrich to my bucket list. But he told me not to hold onto their necks… they’ll buck you off real quick. You’re supposed to hold their shoulders/wings area. Just in case you ever decide to try riding an ostrich… now you know! We did a home evaluation for this family to make sure that he was going to be safe when he goes home and they just had the neatest things in his house from their time traveling. One other thing about this patient that I am particularly proud of… He was looking for ways to stay active with this debilitating disease. I had remembered this video we watched in class one day about this kickboxing class that is for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s called Rock Steady. It started in Indiana and has spread across the nation. The premise of this class is to give patients with PD a way to exercise that will benefit them in all the ways they need. With PD, movements become small and the voice becomes quiet and the body becomes rigid. One of the main focuses of treating PD is BIG and LOUD movements (There is even a certification you can get in this type of treatment). This kickboxing class gives these patients this opportunity.

Here… why don’t you just check it out for yourself:

Anyways, I showed this video to that patient and his wife and found two local classes that were just starting up and passed on that information to them as well. He was so excited about this class. His wife called the next day to see if there was space for her husband and they couldn’t stop talking about the boxing class for the rest of their stay with us. We even found a pair of boxing gloves in the gym and let him try out a little bit of boxing! He said it was a lot of fun so I’m sure he’s going to do well in the class. I told them to keep in touch with my CI so she can keep me updated on how he’s doing!

The other thing that was kind of big this week was my midterm evaluation. We have a program that gives like 30 categories that we need to be graded on. My CI definitely graded me higher than I graded myself… that’s for sure. There was one overwhelming theme to my midterm though… I am doing really, really well but I need to have a bit more confidence and need to start communicating with others on the healthcare team without being prompted to. That is always a little scary to me because the nurses are always busy, the doctors are always running around, I hardly know the case managers… but I know it’s something that needs to be done so I am going to try to start stepping it up! Overall though, my CI had really great things to say and made me feel really good about where I’m at currently.


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