And Just Like That, I’m in Arizona!

So I packed up and headed out of Colorado on Tuesday morning. Left Colorado around 6:15 am (which put me smack dab in the middle of the Denver morning commute!). After sitting through more traffic than I was anticipating…. I was on my way (with my chocolate covered raisins, of course!) <– my road trip snack of choice… obviously!

So it was kind of snowing that night/morning so I didn’t want to go through all the mountain passes which meant I had to head south into New Mexico. Now, I have never been to New Mexico so I was thinking, “this could be fun!” Boy was I wrong! Seriously the MOST boring driving I have ever experienced in my life…..! Like, worse than driving through Illinois the long way. There was NOTHING to look at. AND… to top it off… it was SO freeeeeaking windy! I thought my poor little cruze was going to get blown right off the road!

You know when you see those old movies… where the tumbleweeds just blow and bounce right on past? It’s usually to symbolize being in the middle of no where with nothing going on…. right? Well, did you KNOW…. that this happens in REAL LIFE!?!?!?! Like, it’s NOT just the movies where that happens. How do I know, you ask? BECAUSE I SAW IT!!!!! My entire trip through New Mexico was filled with TUMBLEWEEDS just bouncing right in front of me! In fact, for a long time that was my only entertainment… counting the tumbleweeds!

Talk about a fun filled 13.5 hours in the car! Man, I sure was glad once I got into Arizona and started seeing the mountain-like things and especially once I got into more civilization! But, rest assured… I got some QUALITY car karaoke time in!!! Yeah- it’s a shame there was no audience for some of those performances!

I rolled into Phoenix around 8:30 last night and arrived at the house that I will be staying at! One of my former co-workers has a sister that lives in Phoenix and I am staying with her and her husband, two daughters and dog for the next two months. They all seem very nice so far and the girls are adorable! Stay tuned to find out more as I get to know the family and the Phoenix area a little bit! One of my classmates is actually in Phoenix right now visiting her fiance (who also happens to be doing an internship for physical therapy in the area) and her and I are planning to hang out this week while her fiance is working. I’m sure we’ll be doing some things worth writing about so I’ll be sure to keep you updated! (I know I did a TERRRRRRIBLE job while I was in Colorado so I am going to try my hardest to do better this time…. and yes, I still plan on finishing the posts about Colorado at some point!)


One thought on “And Just Like That, I’m in Arizona!

  1. Linda Wiegand. ( Auntie ) says:

    Sooooo happy to hear that you made the trip safe.
    Having fun with Jack and Addy today and then off to the Milwaukee sport show. John has a booth and Auntie Dennis and I are just going to be there. Take, be safe. Love you. Auntie Linda


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