Week 1- A Rough Start

I finished my first week at my new internship. I have to say, it’s the roughest start to an internship I’ve had so far. I think it’s because of the setting that I’m in. I am interning at a clinic called Select Physical Therapy. It is an outpatient orthopedic clinic which means it’s the clinic that people go to when they have a general ache or pain or after they have a surgery and need therapy. This setting is very different from the other two settings I’ve been in prior to this. I left on my first day wanting to cry because I just felt like there is so much to know for outpatient ortho and that I was never going to remember it all. The entire day I kept thinking about things that I know I’ve learned and that I should remember, but I don’t and just starting forming this never-ending list in my head of things that I wanted to look up and review. It just was a very over-whelming first day.

My CI this time is a guy named Ken. Ken is veeeeerry smart! Which is totally a good thing but imagine being paired with someone that is so much smarter than you at what you’re trying to learn each and every day… it’s a great way to learn new things BUT, at the same time, it’s a great way to feel really dumb too. Just a constant reminder of how much you DON’T know! [And yes, I’m completely aware of how this is a bad attitude to have towards this situation…. and no, I’m not going to continue to look at things in this fashion, it’s just how I felt after my first day.] Ken is a very smart guy though. He’s been practicing for like… 15 years maybe (that’s a total guess…). He likes to use a lot of manual techniques (using your hands to help fix things… joints and myofascial and soft tissue work). He also does a lot of dry needling and likes to tape with kinesio tape. These are things that we learn a LITTLE bit about in school but we just get a little taste of it. I am definitely going to get some good practice with the kinesio tape. (I’ll tell you a little more about the dry needling and kinesio-tape in a later post).

The rest of me week was a little bit better. Ken likes to pop quiz about different things throughout the day and that makes me SUPER nervous! After the first day I was able to actually think straight enough to answer his questions! I even got a few of them right! haha. Ken also threw a last minute evaluation at me which was NOT fun! I like time to prepare and he gave me about 4 minutes to get ready…. great, thanks Ken! It went alright but definitely could have gone better. The patient was really great about being patient with me and even asked if I would be involved in some of his treatments (I was thinking he was worried about having a student treat him but he actually told me he was asking because he wanted me to help treat him- that was a good feeling!)

My schedule for this internship is going to be 4 ten-hour days with one day off during the week that varies. It’ll be a miracle if I show up on all the right days throughout the entire internship! A lot of my days off happen to be Mondays and Fridays which is WAY nice! Except I have to start work at 7 am…. that’s SOOOOO early! and I won’t get done until 6 pm…. talk about long days! Hopefully I survive!


One thought on “Week 1- A Rough Start

  1. Linda Wiegand. ( Auntie ) says:

    Wowie Zowie. God bless you with all that you need to get through your internship. I will pray for you. But I do believe that you will do just fine. Love you lots. Auntie Linda


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