For my first clinical affiliation I have been sent to South Ogden, UT! I have been to UT just once before briefly, but not to the area of Ogden. We had the option to fill out a location request form for our first internships. This allowed us to put down three locations that we would be interested in going for our first internship. Of course, I did not fill one of these out. My adventurous side didn’t really care where they sent me, as long as it wasn’t back to Wisconsin (sorry Mom!). As a result, I was placed in South Ogden! South Ogden is located just north of Salt Lake City tucked away in the foothills of the mountains.

A couple of my classmates were also placed close by in Utah so one of my classmates, Kyle, and I decided to look for a place that we could live together to cut down on costs and so we have someone that we can hang out with after work each day. We found a place in Eden, UT which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Seriously… you should see some of these views! Eden sits in a valley in the mountains and you have to drive through a canyon to get to it. Let’s just say, my drive to work does NOT suck every day!