Internship II is in Loveland, CO. Loveland is located approximately 50 miles north of Denver close to Fort Colins. It is apparently nicknamed the “Sweetheart City” and the “Gateway to the Rockies.” (Interesting…). It was founded in 1877 and named for William A. H. Loveland (must be important if he’s got TWO middle names!) Apparently he was president of the Colorado Central Railroad. (I wonder what I need to be president of in order to get a city named after me….) At one point in time, Loveland was home to the largest cherry orchard west of the Mississippi River. By the 1920’s, cherries were no longer grown in the area thanks to a series of droughts and “a killer freeze.” Speaking of freezing… the average low in Loveland during January is 12 degrees… man that sucks. But the average high is 43 degrees (I’ll take that please!) If you want to read up some more on Loveland, here’s where I found all this FASCINATING information:

My internship is taking place at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital. NCRH is a place that offers both inpatient and outpatient therapy (therapy for people that come in for an hour or so for therapy and then go home or therapy for those that are staying at the hospital overnight for a period of time.) The inpatient therapy is divided up into two sections- long term acute care and basic inpatient rehab. I am working with the basic inpatient rehab. These patients are a little “better off” if you will, than the long term acute care patients. Those are the patients that are typically hooked up to all the tubes and cords and need more round the clock supervision/assistance. The inpatient rehab side houses around 40 beds and includes patients recovering from strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, Parkinson’s Disease, MS and other injuries/illnesses. The facility also houses a pool to utilize aquatic therapy. If you’d like to look at the facility a little more in depth, you can find more information here:

I will be interning at this site from January 2, 2017 through February 24, 2017 so stay tuned for some updates!